Get your tickets now for “Born Yesterday”!


Don’t miss out! We’re heading to see Garson Kanin’s Comedy Classic “Born Yesterday” on Tuesday, March 21st.

Bus leaves at 9:15 a.m. from the church parking lot, and returns approx. 6 p.m.. Tickets are $85 – Contact Dot Thornton at 267-693-4400 to purchase yours!
A vulgar business man named Harry, comes to Washington DC to make crooked deals with government officials. He brings his charming, but uneducated ex-chorus girl girlfriend, Billie, along for the trip. But Harry is worried that her lack of social graces and seemingly feeble brain won’t impress the bigwigs he’s trying to swindle. So he hires an idealistic reporter (who is investigating political corruption and is interested in Brock’s activities) to educate Billie, thereby keeping both of them out of his hair for a while. But Billie takes a liking to the reporter, who treats her with kindness and respect, and she proves to be a quick study—learning about history, politics…and what Harry is really all about.
This famous comedy enjoyed one of the longest runs in Broadway history and gave Judy Holliday the role that made her a star!