Are you looking to get more involved at All Saints’ Torresdale in the activities we provide?

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Uno’s Fundraiser

There’s plenty to see and do at All Saints’ Torresdale! Our upcoming events include activities from the following groups and committees:

Young At Heart

With over 100 members, our Young at Heart group meets twice a month, with the only membership requirement is you must be at least 55 yrs. old. Lunch provided at meetings for a small fee. Summer hiatus during July and August.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

A core group of women whose main goal is to serve God and the church through the support of worthy groups and functions. This group of ladies meet the second Wednesday of each month.  Summer hiatus July and August.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a group of men and women that cooks a delicious breakfast on the 2nd Saturday of each calendar month. This low key fellowship event is an opportunity to get to know your fellow parishioner and breakfast is served at 9 AM (volunteers usually arrive two hours prior). The club is on summer hiatus during July and August.

Boy Scouts Troop 252
breakfast club
All Saints’ Breakfast Club

Troop 252 has met at All Saints’ for over 80 years! Meetings are held as follows:

  • Tuesdays at 7 PM – boys 11-17 yrs. / 6th+ grade (Boy Scouts)
  • Wednesdays at 7 PM – Boys 6-10 yrs. / 1st-5th grade (Cub Scouts)
  • Scout award recognition / information last Wednesday of every month

Committees & Groups

Contact the office at 215.637.8787 for more information on how you can help. Below is a list of our existing committees that always look forward to welcoming new members.

Worship & Music 

This committee focuses on the music and worship practices of the parish and acts as a council of advice to the Rector and music staff.

Welcoming & Membership

This committee focuses on welcoming visitors, reaching out to potential members, and helping to ensure that new members are fully incorporated into the life of the parish.  They also send birthday, get well and inspirational cards to our home-bound. Committee members ideally represent each service: 5:30, 8:00 and 10:00.

Finance Committee

This committee addresses the current financial situations of the parish, cemetery and Day School.

Communications & Marketing

All facets of communication and advertising fall under this umbrella, including Facebook pages, articles in newspapers or stories or ads on radio etc. Also announcements and material posted on bulletin boards.


The ministries that benefit those in need within our community, Diocese, and the world are the focus of this committee. Examples are food shelves, soup kitchens, Episcopal Relief and Development, United Thank Offering, assistance to missions and mission trips or sponsorships with sister congregations.

Stewardship & Endowment

The ministry and spirituality of Stewardship is the year-round focus of this committee, including stewardship awareness and education, the annual pledge drive, continued support for the endowments of the parish, wills and planned giving strategies etc.

Christian Formation

All the education ministries of the parish fall under this committee: nursery, Sunday school, adult education, confirmation etc. Any staff and volunteers involved in these ministries would be part of the committee.


This committee oversees and conducts the work of the parish’s buildings and grounds.

Day School

This committee is also the Board of Directors for the Day School.  In the meantime, it meets regularly with the Day School staff. (closed committee)

Activities & Parish Life

The Chair meets or otherwise communicates with representatives of groups such as ECW, Christmas Bazaar, Breakfast Club, annual picnic, Young at Heart, Cub Scouts etc., and reports on their activities and plans to the Vestry. The Chair also relays any requests or other information between these groups and the Vestry, although this is not so much a committee as it is a conduit of communication between parish groups and the Vestry.


This committee works with issues pertaining to our cemetery and memorial garden, including maintenance of the grounds and property and records, and the handling of inquiries from within and outside of the parish.

Executive Committee

Consists of the Rector and the Officers of the Vestry: Rector’s Warden and Accounting Warden, Treasurer and Secretary.  This committee meets the Sunday prior to the Vestry meeting date. (closed committee)