Welcome to our Christian Formation Program!

kidsAs baptized Christians, our faith formation process takes place “between the cradle and the wheelchair and everything in between.” We offer spiritual growth opportunities for children, youth and adults.

Beginning September 10, 2017, our Sunday School hour begins at 9:55 AM, with one class for younger children and one for older children. We are using an Episcopal Church curriculum called “Lesson Plans that Work”, which is lectionary based, that is, the children are studying the same lessons that the adults are hearing upstairs in the sanctuary.  The children and teaches will rejoin the congregation at The Peace, so all can receive Communion together.  We offer grape juice and gluten-free wafers upon request.


Get Geared Up for God, August 14 through August 18 from 6 to 8:30 PM for children ages 3 – 12. Fill out VBS Registration Form 2017 and email it to: mckinneyml1968@yahoo.com


christianedOur Spiritual Growth Committee sponsors periodic groups, classes and activities throughout the year. Please see our Jane Esrang, facilitator or Pastor Liz Colton for more information.

Coming this fall 2017, we will begin adult classes for Confirm not Conform, a program that celebrates questions and choices! This is a safe place for people to explore the breadth of Christian tradition, to ask questions and express their doubts, and to discover what they truly believe.

On Tuesday evenings in Lent (February 20 – March 20) all parishioners are invited to Lenten dinners followed by education programs that close with Compline. Dinner begins at 6:00 PM. Programs start at 6:45 PM.

Whether in the pew or in a class or gathered around our ‘study table’ we invite you to join us in learning about Christian faith and perhaps discovering new ways of putting our faith into action.

Looking for more information about All Saints’ Christian Education?  Contact Rev. Liz Colton through the church office at 215-637-8787.