Beyond Sunday – All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Torresdale

All Saints’ Episcopal Church-Torresdale
Worship: Saturday 5:30 PM (in the Chapel)
Sunday 8 AM & 10 AM

Beat the heat and come to church. It’s cool here, literally!

A program that celebrates questions and choices!
Sign-up in Friendship Hall to be a part of a safe place to explore the breadth of the Christian tradition, to ask questions and express their doubts, and to discover what they truly believe. Classes will start in the fall.

If you have not been in touch with Liz about your
kid(s) participating, please do so asap (215) 525-2033 or email lizcolton

Next Sunday, August 6 at 11:45 AM, in the conference room.

VACA BIBLE SHOOL … Get Geared Up for God
AUGUST 14 thru AUGUST 18
We need group leaders, kitchen aids and classroom lesson givers! We’ll be coordinating the decorating of the halls and classrooms the week of August 7. The week of August 14 we need classroom teachers. See Maggie McKinney or call her at (215) 208-6094.

Registration for children ages 3-12, call (215) 637-8787 or visit

Our goal is to complete 30 backpacks. Donation boxes are in Friendship Hall. We’ll shop for you if you’d like to make a monetary donation, just mark your envelope “Backpack”. See a list items, attached.

Now through the month of August we’ll be collecting for Philadelphia Stand Down, a group that supports veterans in need of meals, shelter, medical, clothing and more. See the offering envelopes in the Narthex of church, or mark your check “Stand Down”.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the show their support! We asked and answered VERY important questions about the future of Northeast Philadelphia and provided ways for us to improve not only the preservation of building, but the education of our children, our community, and our history.

The event was historic because every single historical society, civic association, community organization, politicians, teachers, business owners, and residents were present. It’s not every day that everyone is in the same room, and we have to make this happen more often! One of the main questions was how can we continue to collaborate on everything?

Well, we have created a public forum called “Northeast Philly History Collaboration” for us to discuss everything on a wonderful web platform called Slack. So click here to create an account with your email, and let the collaboration begin!

If you’d like to share the link it’s

If you’d like to see pictures from last night’s event, they are in a Facebook album – just click here.

In the meantime, we have started to formulate a plan to bring an official Northeast Philadelphia bus tour underway. So please join Slack to discuss under the room tag #bustour