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Saturday, February 3
9 AM to 3 PM
Get Signed Up
“Breakfast foods, snacks & lunch, provided”

Dear People of All Saints,

You have heard our announcements for the workshop day on February 3rd. You might be thinking, “That’s not for me!” But I hope you will reconsider and plan to come – for the good of our church, and for the sake of progress we are making in getting ready to call a new rector.

Before we turn in that direction completely however, there is some work to be done. In my time among you, I have noticed some lingering resentments, some quiet anger, and I have even noted some people avoiding others in the congregation. To move ahead, we must address this situation. We are so fortunate that our bishop is paying the fee for a nationally known expert to come and speak with us, The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle. We’ll be working from 9:00 – 3:00 and there will be breakfast foods, snacks and lunch provided, as well as breaks!

Anger and resentment are a bit unique, because they can live in our heads and hearts for a very long time. They can lie quiet until something triggers them, and then they rise up, bringing with them all the past angers and resentments we thought we had buried and put away forever. These little bombs are not presents you want to offer your new rector; rather you want to be on a journey toward congregational health. And most of us have these angers and resentment in our personal lives as well, and in preparation for a Holy Lent, we could use some suggestions for moving in a new direction! This is what God requires of us – growth!!

So please plan to start your new year off by attending to your relationships, personal and church. Put February 3rd on your calendar now, and plan to be present, and as a kindness to those planning the food and doing the setup, please sign up in Friendship Hall, or call the office and ask to be signed up. Thank you!


February 14
12 Noon and 7:30 PM

EGG-cellent breakfast turnout on Saturday! 39 in total, both from the community and members. Spread the word and keep coming! It was a deliciously vibrant morning! Try to RSVP, or arrive TIMELY at 9:00 a.m. NEW MEMEBERS can use the FREE breakfast card available at the entrance of the church.

Our January Families

We are feeding 4 adults and 4 children. ONLY 3 DATES AVAILABLE! If you’ve been on the fence, now’s your chance. Keep the meals simple and take enjoyment in helping! Any questions about volunteering, see Dolores Ryan or call the office (215) 637-8787. AVAILABILITY: JAN. 23, 24 & 31

Drop a dime in your UTO box when you feel a moment of thankfulness. Continue to count your blessings and add to your collection box. If you need a box, they are available in racks at church. If you need one mailed to you, call the office!

Tuesday, February 13
4:00 to 7:00
Stay alert for the start of ticket sales!!
$5 = Adults $4 = Children 12 and under


Lenten Dinner and DVD Series will start Tuesdays at 6 PM February 20 through March 20. We’ll be watching and discussing Forgiveness by Adam Hamilton. Stay tuned for more details on dinners and how to participate in this seven wonders Tuesday series!

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You

See you at worship!!

The Reverend Elizabeth W. Colton

The Reverend Lori T. Exley