The Spiritual Growth Committee presents CnC …

CnC stands for Confirm, not Conform. Ever since its beginnings, the Anglican way has been “The Middle Way.” In those early days, the church embraced everyone from the Puritans who were horrified by candles on the altar to those who could not imagine a liturgy without candles, incense and vestments. We have been proud of that Via Media, middle way, for a long time, and for enfolding people with a wide range of beliefs into our Anglican way! And so we do try to confirm our faith, rather than conform to particular doctrine or expectations. Your Spiritual Growth Committee will be offering CnC, led by Liz and Lori, starting next fall. It is a fun, interactive program. Come and get a taste of it after worship on Sunday, May 21. No commitments necessary. We’ll poll those interested to find the best time to offer it next fall. All who are curious, come and see!


Data Update

Thank you to those who have already turned in the information sheet with updated information. We are eager to have contact information for everyone who worships with us. In addition, we’d like to be able to post pictures on Facebook and our website, and need a photo release from parents with children under 18. Children’s names and pictures will never appear together. If you do not wish to give this permission, please return the form anyway and mark it “Permission Denied.” See attached.

Thank you!